Brivo Compatible Fobs & Key Tags

Brivo is one of the most widely used access control systems in 24 hour gyms throughout the Untied States and Canada.  By using cloud technology, Brivo is able to offer easy setup for installers while at the same time providing advanced easy to use features for gym owners.

One of the main differences with Brivo is the minimum amount of physical hardware that is needed onsite which dramatically cuts down on the installation and hardware cost.  The clever stuff happens behind the scenes using cloud technology, this means that you do not need an expensive computer on site and you can even manage the entire system from your smart phone.


Due to the advanced features and ease of use of the Brivo system, many gym software companies have developed integrations between their platforms and the Brivo access control system using what are called API’s.

These API’s or ‘Application Programming Interfaces’ are a software intermediary that allows two applications to talk to each other.  What this means in the real world is that for day to day use, you will only ever see your gym membership software, you will not need to make any manual changes to your access control system. Any changes you make regarding a members ability to access the gym via their key fobs on the access control system,  takes place behind the scenes on a software level between the database of your membership software and the access control database.

Companies Using Brivo

  • Mind Body
  • ClubReady 
  • EZFacility
  • ClubSystems 
  • Daxko
  • Clubworx
  • Sharpenet
  • MIS.IO
  • efit 
  • Traction Rec

At Gym Fobs Direct, as we are not affiliated with Brivo or any of these software companies in any way, this means that we are able to offer a range of key tags, fobs, cards and wristbands which are compatible with most readers used with these systems at an excellent price and even offer full customization and logo printing. We are able to offer custom printed fobs delivered to site in only 7 business days!

Fully custom printed fobs

Blank non-pritned fobs & cards