Inner Range Systems
Concept4000, Integriti & Inception

Inner Range is an Australian based manufacturer of electronic access control systems used in over 150,000 installations throughout the world. The company has provided electronic access control systems for over 30 years and currently has its headquarters in Knoxfield, Melbourne where its manufacturing facility is based. This facility is also the design and research headquarters for the company.  

Inner Range has three main access control systems, Concept4000, Integriti and Inception. Concept4000 was launched in the early 2000’s and became a widely used access control system in many industries in Australia and New Zealand, becoming the industry standard. This system however, is an end of line product and has been retired after 23 years of sales and replaced by the companies new flagship product, Integriti.

Although the Inner Range Integriti system has a familiar feel to it, it is a vastly different system to its predecessor. This new flagship product has many more security and automation features, while also offering high level integrations with many third party systems including lift systems, intercoms, lighting and building management devices as well as their specially engineered Health Club integration. This allows integration between the Inner Range software and a number of gym software platforms including; Clubware, PerfectGym, MindBody Online, OneFitStop, GymMaster, EZeMember, Flexware and Gladstone MRM.

The final Inner Range access control system is Inception; this system has many of the alarm, access control and automation features of its Integriti ‘big brother’ while being a more cost effective option for clients that may not require some of the advanced features and integrations provided by Integriti. Although this system does not have the integrations with gym software systems,  it is equiped with onboard IP monitoring, an easy to use built in TCIP web based software interface and four built in relays which can control doors or automated devices such as lights. These features make the Inception panel a good option for gyms that want a standalone access control system instead of one that is integrated with the clubs management software.  This system can also be expanded to hold up to 512 alarm devices, hundreds of automation devices and up to 128 doors, making it an easily expandable solution for even the largest club.

Inner Range systems can use a vast range of different readers, most of which we are able to supply fully compatible printed fobs, cards or wristbands for. There are a few readers that are commonly used on their system which we can not supply compatible fobs for, namely Gold Class, iClass and Sifer. Most other formats we can supply and as we are not affiliated with Inner Range in any way, we can offer offer fully custom printed products for an excellent price.

Our range fobs and cards include;

Fully custom printed fobs

Blank non-pritned fobs & cards