InnerTelligence Compatible Fobs

InnerTelligence is an Australian based security company that specialise in the installation of 24 hour gym security systems. Along with the installation of standard access control systems, InnerTelligence have designed their own middleware called ‘Doorguard’ that acts as a middleman between some gym software including MINDBODY Online and their access control system. 

At Gym Fobs Direct, we are proud to offer fobs that are compatible with the InnerTelligence access control readers, including cards and fobs either fully branded or blank, non-printed. We provide a huge range of fobs including  units that are fully custom printed in our Sunshine Coast production centre meaning that they can be dispatched, including custom printing in as little as three business days.

As we are a fob manufacturer, rather than a security company that are simply a reseller, added to the fact that we are in no way affiliated with InnerTelligence, we are able to supply fobs and cards at a much more reasonable price. We are proud to be the only company in Australia to have included in our large range of products a fully custom printed Australian made fob, even the plastic itself for this unit is made right here in sunny Queensland. We are able to offer custom printed fobs delivered to site in only 7 business days!

Our range of InnerTelligence compatible fobs include;

Fully custom printed fobs

Blank non-pritned fobs & cards