Paradox - Compatible Fobs & Cards

Paradox is an access control manufacturer established in 1989 which sell their systems throughout the world via their distribution network, rather than directly to end users and consumers. Their access control hardware as well as wireless devices are well known for their usability.  Their distinctive semi translucent fob, the C704 (formerly CR-R704-B) is recognisable by the “Paradox” logo on the bottom. Their access control credentials are also available as a credit card size unit, model number C706 (formerly CR-R706-A) as well as a clamshell unit C702 (formerly CR-R702-A).

At Gym Fobs Direct, as we are not affiliated with Paradox in any way, in fact we are a direct competitor, this means that we are able to offer a range of fobs and cards which are compatible with a range of their proximity readers at an excellent price and even offer full customization and logo printing on our fobs, features which we believe Paradox themselves do not even currently even offer.

We are proud to offer Paradox compatible fobs, cards and wristbands either fully branded or blank, non-printed at unbeatable prices.

Our range of Paradox compatible fobs include;

Fully custom printed fobs

Blank non-pritned fobs & cards