Paxton Compatible Fobs & Key Tags

Paxton Net2 is one of the most widely used access control systems in  on the market with over 25,000 buildings each year are secured globally with Paxton products. Although Paxton Net2 has high level features and functionality, in addition to being an extremely well priced access control system, the fully British built access control system is very easy to use.

Unlike some suppliers that are only able to order your custom printed fobs from overseas manufactures, meaning you have to wait week for any custom printed order, our wide range of fobs include units which are custom printed in our Sunshine Coast warehouse meaning we are able to offer custom printed fobs, dispatched in just days, including logo printing.

At Gym Fobs Direct, although we love Paxton and even have it installed in our offices, we are not affiliated with Paxton in any way, this means that we are able to offer a range of key tags, fobs, cards and wristbands which are compatible with most readers used with these systems at an excellent price and even offer full customization and logo printing. We are able to offer custom printed fobs delivered to site in only 7 business days!

Our range fobs and cards include;

Fully custom printed fobs

Blank non-pritned fobs & cards