Precor Preva Compatible Fobs

Headquartered in Seattle, USA, Precor is one of the leading fitness equipment manufacturers in the world and supply their exercise machines to over 100 countries worldwide from their two USA based production facilities. 

Precor Preva is a network enabled fitness system that allows members of a gym to use an RFID fob to scan onto compatible Preva exercise equipment to log their workouts and track their fitness improvements over time. This feature has proved popular both for individual members that want to track their workouts, as well as clubs which are able to use this feature to help with member retention.

At Gym Fobs Direct we are able to offer a wide range of fobs, cards and wristbands that are compatible with the Precor Preva terminals and as we are not affiliated with Precor in any way, we are able to do this at an extremely competitive price. As we are a RFID manufacturer rather than just a reseller, we are able to even manufacture our fobs with multiple RFID technology inside one fob meaning that for clubs that use a different RFID technology for access on their 24 hour door, we can manufacture a single fob to work with both systems for those specific clubs. No need to carry around two fobs anymore.

Our range fobs and cards include;

Fully custom printed fobs

Blank non-pritned fobs & cards