Presco P-Tag Compatible Fobs & Cards

Presco is an Australian designed security system that first hit the market in 1990 and currently is exported to a number of countries including New Zealand, Europe, Asia and the Americas. The fobs used on Presco systems are the Presco P-Tag.  At Gym Fobs Direct, as we are not affiliated with Presco in any way, this means that we are able to offer a range of fobs which are compatible with the Presco readers at an excellent price and even offer full customization and logo printing; features which we believe Presco themselves do not currently even offer.

We are proud to offer Presco compatible fobs, cards and wristbands either fully branded or blank, non-printed at unbeatable prices.

Our range of Presco P-Tag compatible fobs include;

Fully custom printed fobs

Blank non-pritned fobs & cards