Custom Printed RFID Wristbands

silicone RFID wristband with colour custom printed logo

More and more gyms and leisure centers are turning to RFID wristbands rather than traditional fobs and access control cards for their members. Wristbands provide the best flexibility for larger gyms or leisure centers that may have multiple access control doors or other areas that are restricted to gender or membership types such as; female only areas, group fitness classes and swimming pools.

RFID wristbands are placed on a members wrist which ensures that the wristband is always with the member, making gaining access to required areas simple. As the member is not having to constantly search for their key fob when entering different areas, members have more time to train and enjoy the facility.

As the RFID wristbands that we provide are fully sealed units, they are completely waterproof meaning that members can even swim while the wristband is on, without any risk of damage to the unit.